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Education is a business – a business with a higher purpose: to teach our children and prepare them for the 21st century. Every school budget from state universities to charter schools is under pressure to make each dollar count. Whether you are implementing Green Building technologies that actually deliver a measureable savings to your overhead costs, or deploying a wireless network campus-wide, there needs to be a quantifiable ROI. At the same time, this business of Education cannot lose its core purpose. Educators are re-examining how they approach content in the classroom. How can you use web 2.0 tools effectively in your curriculum?

The Next Generation Education Summit is a high-level strategy forum designed by some of the leading Educators in the US who have both an eye for 21st century learning in the classroom as well as responsibility for their schools bottom line. The full NGE association will convene for a 2-day session to address the most pressing topics educators face and meet with solution providers who can help them achieve their objectives. 

"An excellent venue for CIOs to exchange information on current topics as well as interact with a variety of industry vendors."

Jim Cramer, CIO, Scottsdale Healthcare

"Great opportunity to get current information and industry opinions. Very good use of time."

Randy Senn, CIO, SCANA Corporation

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Pomona College

California State University East Bay

California State University Monterey Bay

Delaware State University

University of Nebraska

Campus CIO & AVP
Georgetown University

VP Information & Instructional Technology
Albany State University

Chief Planning & Information Officer
Abilene Christian University

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